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C-Pen Captures Text and Imbeds in Dictation File
Announcing the C-Pen…and integrated support for the Quikscribe Recorder…

How to integrate scanned text from documents into your dictation file using the C-Pen 20 ($159):

Click here for a video demonstration.

Click here to download the C-Pen brochure.

The C-Pen 20 is a unique pen-size scanner that scans printed text from any paper source, and places it automatically into any word processing, spreadsheet, database, email, or any other program that uses text. Just place your cursor on the location of your document and start transferring the data.

Although the C-Pen can be used with any Windows application, its features have been integrated into the Quikscribe Recorder or Omina to capture signficant text while you are recording or dictating. With Quikscribe’s unique “Intelligent Audio File” format, the scanned text is inserted in a “marker” that has the ability to hold text, images, or complete files.

With the Quikscribe Recorder, you may use the C-Pen for a variety of tasks:

- capture case # or patient # and place it in the Matter. No. field in the Quikscribe Recorder.  Allows you to track the identifier for the Matter Number field throughout the transcription process.

- capture relevant text from any document reference to include with your dictation recording

With the C-Pen, you may scan just the text you want, instead of an entire page.  Scan business cards, articles, data, foreign phrases (C-Pen recognizes 167 different languages).


Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities.
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