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This ignorance (no offence) about how to use dictation for productivity shows in a number of ways in young lawyers.

The first is that their written material has a tendency to be of extremely high quality.  Inherently, of course, there is nothing wrong with producing high quality written content.  But, by and large, the focus at University is on written language, and as a result young lawyers can often be lacking in the area of rhetoric.

Moreover, the process that young lawyers are accustomed to adopting to produce written material (learned during Law School) is far from the most efficient process.

That’s not surprising, because law school requires a largely independent method.  It is also a straightforward process.  You might have four or five subjects at any one time, with perhaps a few assignments to do, some contact hours to attend, and some study to complete.

That is starkly different to legal practice where you will have dozens of files, dozens of clients, calls to answer, marketing to do, networking events to go to, advocacy to engage in, administration to complete, and people to work with.

The two environments could not be more different, and as a result nor should the processes used to produce the work be the same.

Source: Tips for Lawyers

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