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Quikscribe News Update - June 15, 2010

File Corruption Issues:


We’d seen a few situations where file corruption has occurred during recording, or trying to send a file to Transcription.  Resolution of this issue has included removing a couple features that could contribute to Windows errors.  The ability to drag and drop a Windows file onto the Quikscribe Recorder display interface has been removed, as well as the Windows file property to attach a file using the right-click function in Windows Explorer.  You may still attach files using the marker function while recording.

We also identified a potential problem with a lost marker when overwriting existing dictation.  This issue has been corrected in the latest version of Quikscribe Recorder.

Customize Field Names (QSM, QSR, QSP)

The standard field labels for entering metadata to identify patient or case information have been limited to the field names Subject, Matter Number, Doc Name and Doc Type.  The QS Manager now provides the tools for QS Recorder and Player to display custom field names.  These field names can also be linked easily to your existing document management system, PACS system, or any other Windows application that can pass data through an automated interface.  The integration interface (provided with Quikscribe) automatically creates a new dictation file in QS Recorder and populates the data fields, which is then tracked with QS Manager and QS Player.

Activity Logs (QSR, QSP)

Quikscribe logs activities that help analysis of technical issues if and when they occur.  If you do experience a technical issue, we strongly suggest you use the Request Technical Support feature that is found under the Help menu.  When you select this, detailed logging is turned on automatically so that the next support request will include the detailed log.  Detailed logging is turned off automatically after 30 days so the log file doesn’t continue to build over time.  This new internal feature will help to reduce the resolution time of any future issues.


New Hand Control Microphones from Grundig and Philips! (QSR)

We’re pleased to introduce three new hand control microphones to use with Quikscribe Recorder.  Two of these models are wireless, so there is no cable attached to the hand control microphone.  These mikes are available now.  Please contact us for more information.

Grundig Cordex (cordless)

The Grundig Cordex is a wireless hand control microphone, which means you aren’t tethered to the computer.  If you like to get up and move around while you dictate, this this mike is for you!  The unit comes with a docking station that acts as the receiver, and also provides charging for the battery.

The Cordex has an internal buffer to capture recording when the unit goes out of range for the wireless connection to the computer.  The advantage of this is that you should never lose any dictation while recording, as the buffer will empty automatically when the unit is back in range.  Price is $499 for the kit - please contact us for your Quikscribe discount price.


Need more info? Please contact us.

Grundig SonicMic

The SonicMic attaches to the PC with a USB cable.  It has a very smooth slide switch to control recording.  In addition, there are 5 programmable function buttons to use with Quikscribe Recorder, plus a mike sensitivity switch on the upper right side (so you can easily adjust your input volume for recording).  This unit is very sleek, comfortable, and lightweight.  A heavy base to hold the mike on your desk is also included.  This is a great mike at a great price!


Phillips SpeechMike Air (cordless)

The new SpeechMike Air is cordless, allowing complete mobility.  The unit will vibrate to let you know you’re out of range when recording.  There is a wireless mouse trackball control with left and right mouse buttons, and three programmable function buttons to use with Quikscribe Recorder.  The detachable Bluetooth receiver allows portability, so you can take this mike with you and use your laptop and SpeechMike while you travel.  Price is $499 for the kit - please contact us for your Quikscribe discount price.


Password Protect Content (QSR, QSP)

Password protection is now available to secure an individual file.  After creating a file, select File, then Protect Content to enter and then confirm a password entry.  This password will be required when opening the file with Quikscribe Player.



E-mail settings (QSR, QSP)

Quikscribe Recorder and Quikscribe Player now have new e-mail engines.  The new e-mail engine allows the program to generate an e-mail transaction to send a file or a message automatically from the program.  The settings for Author Details in QS Recorder or Typist Details in QS Player allow the selection of the default Windows e-mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook) or to use an SMTP server.  Please note that some Internet Service Providers have restrictions using SMTP for e-mail.  However, we suggest using a gMail (from Google) for SMTP e-mail transactions if all else fails, as this provides a standard method to use with QS Recorder in QS Player.

Display Files Sent As Urgent (QSR, QSP)

Quikscribe Recorder now provides a pop-up message display to confirm when sending a file marked as urgent.  As a reminder, you can program the Send button on your hand control microphone to press and hold for one or 2 seconds to automatically mark the file as urgent.  Or you can select from the drop-down list in the Send File panel to mark the file as urgent.  Urgent files are noted in red color in QS Player, and are sorted to the top of the queue list.

Voice Recognition

Ready to try to voice recognition to text?  Here’s how we automate the process in the workflow with QS Recorder and Player.

Additional Quikscribe Player Enhancements

  • Simultaneous file open: New optimizations to prevent identical files appearing in the open file dialogue and will detect when two typists try to access the file at the same time.
  • Importing files: New progress display pop-up when importing files
  • File status updating:  New setting to define the time period to update remote file status.  This allows the File Completer agent to update the file status periodically so that the author can check the file status using QS Recorder.  The default setting is 20 minutes, and the setting allows the feature to be disabled, if desired.
Set File Property Columns (QSM)

QS Manager now provides the ability to select which fields you want to display, and in the order you prefer.  Just select File Monitor Settings, then Set File Property Columns.  Check the fields you want to display, or highlight a field and use the + or - buttons to move the field up or down the list.



Need more info? Please contact us.

Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities.
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