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Quikscribe News Update - June 2, 2015

Quikscribe Recorder - Send to Multiple Typists

You can now send audio files to multiple typists via network (or email) from your Quikscribe Recorder.
In the Send to options, select multiple typists while holding CTRL key from your keyboard.

Quikscribe Player - Column Arrangement Option Added

This is a new feature added to Quikscribe Player, which can be accessed in the “Settings” menu in the Detailed Directory View when opening files.
Along with this enhancement are the following:
  • Ability to select and arrange the columns on the Detailed Directory View
  • Ability to display more fields
  • Added the “Last Typist Name” field
  • Added “Sent To” field
In order to customize the fields and columns:
  1. Click the Open icon on your Quikscribe Player.
  3. Click Settings from the menu at the top.
  5. Select Column Arrangement.
  7. Available Columns – this shows the list of columns/fields that are not currently in use and are available to be added. If you want to add a field/column to your directory view, select the column title name from this list and (6) click the Add button.
  9. Current Arrangement – this list shows the fields/columns that are currently in use and in order. If you want to reorder them, select the column name to be moved and either (8) click the Move Up button or (9) click the Move Down button. If you want to remove a column/field from the list, select it and (7) click the Remove button.

Quikscribe Player - Convert Media to Wav

This added feature lets you convert different types of media, including videos, into wav files for transcribing in the Quikscribe player.
In order to use this feature, follow these steps:
  1. Open Quikscribe Player and go to File.
  3. Select Convert Media to Wav.
  5. Click the Browse button.
  7. Select the file to be converted.
  9. Click Open.
  11. Click Browse button next to Path. Destination path is where you want to save or send the converted audio file.
  13. Select the folder.
  15. Click OK button.
  17. Click Convert to Wav button.
  19. Message will pops up to confirm that convert was successful. Click OK button.

Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities.
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