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Quikscribe News Update -May 15, 2012

Quikscribe Recorder Enhancements:

NEW   Transferring Files from Portable Recorders(QSR)

When it comes to transferring files from a portable digital recorder, our focus on integration with Quikscribe has been with the Philips Digital Pocket Memo professional model 9600 (which many of our customers have).  The Quikscribe Downloader program provides the interface between the portable recorder and the computer, and then to the user profile settings in the Quikscribe Recorder.  This way there is flexibility in how you select your files to transfer, the ability to define the destination for each file, and to include additional instructions when desired.

The new enhancements to the QS Downloader program now enable any portable recorder (that is recognized by the PC) to engage the features of the QS Downloader.  The QS Downloader will recognize the device and assign a serial number to the unit, which can then be matched to the individual user profile in Quikscribe Recorder.  The device may also be managed with the Downloader profile editor in QS Manager.

Although the Philips DPM still has superior integration features with QS Recorder, this new feature expands the choices of recorder devices to use with Quikscribe.

To use a non-DPM device, connect the unit to the computer, then select Settings in QS Downloader, and then select ‘Use Disk Integration’.  Under Device Settings you may specify the specific drive letter associated with the device.


NEW QS Downloader:  Copy files to hard drive then convert (QSR)

This new feature is designed to resolve problems with the file transfer in QS Downloader, when transferring a file might produce an error such as “Unable to Decompress”.  This is associated with a problem related to the USB connection, and selecting this option should resolve that issue.


NEW Philips 2330 Four-Button Foot Pedal (QSR)

We’ve added support for the Philips 2330 four-button foot pedal for hands-free recording.  The fourth button is located at the top of the middle button, and can serve as the ‘Send File’ function instead of the usual combination of pressing two buttons simultaneously (on the standard three-button foot pedal).


NEW   Editing Text Fields in Open File Dialog  (QSR)

- Changed color of text to blue when being edited in the open file dialog
- Added dropdown for Document type and Matter Numbers
- Prevented losing edited changes on open dialog when enabling or muting audio preview.
- Added ability to press escape key on edited field in open dialog to return to previous value.
- Open File dialog panel is wider to accommodate field entries


FIX   Stored auto sequence number and allowed it to be reloaded from a profile  (QSR)


FIX   Made “delete days”,  “Filesender retry period”, and “Current Auto Number” only take number values  (QSR)

FIX   Added option to disable SSL/TSL connections when sending email via custom SMTP server  (QSR)


NEW   Sample Rate and Compression Fields Added to Table View (QSR)

The Sample Rate and Compression fields have been added to the “Table View” in QS Recorder.  This allows you to verify how each file was recorded at its source.  The sample rate is the frequency used during recording – the higher the sample rate, then the better the audio quality (although file size also increases).  The Compression fields states whether or not the file has used a compression algorithm to decrease the overall file size.

To display the Table View, select Open File, then click on ‘Table’.  To return to Normal View, click on ‘Normal’.

Quikscribe Player Enhancements:

FIX Locked Settings (QSP)

Previously, if the Lock Settings feature was engaged to password-protect the user profile settings, then the “Display Locked Files” and “Display __ Files” settings were also locked and could not be selected.  This fix resolves that issue so that those two features are always available.


FIX Corrected File Preference functions (QSP)

The ‘Get Next File’ prompt (when enabled) will follow the instruction set in the ‘Next File Preference’ to load the next file in the folder according to the preference of Favorite folder, Last Selected Path, or Any Path (that is, the next file in any mapped path according to priority).


Quikscribe Manager Enhancements:

NEW   Added profile comparison feature (QSM)

The ‘Generate Profile Comparison’ feature allows you to generate an Excel spreadsheet that provides a table view of all QSR and QSP user profile entries.  This is a handy tool to use to look for any anomolies in the individual user profile settings.

When prompted, specify the file name to save in Excel.


Then the Excel file is created, and a pop-up window will appear prompting you to select and open the file.  It should look something like this in Excel:


At this point you can scan through the fields to check for any differences in the settings (“0” = “off”, “1” =“on”)

FIX   Corrected DocTypes and Matter Numbers not getting read on Edit New settings on QSR profile Editor  (QSM)

NEW Added Copy Files before conversion on Downloader Profile Editor  (QSM)

NEW   Added Ability to store Current Author File Number  (QSM)


NEW Added Option to disable author setting current file number  (QSM)


FIX Made “delete days”,  “Filesender retry period”, and “Current Auto Number” only take number values   (QSM)

NEW Request Tech Support feature (QSR, QSP, QSM)

Added the ability to add additional attachments when submitting support request


Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities.
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