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QSR/QSP: Send (Clarification) Request to Author
This feature extends workflow capabilities between QS Player and QS Recorder.  Here’s a situation that occurs frequently:  while transcribing an audio file, there’s a passage that is hard to hear, or hard to understand, or just needs further explanation.  Now the transcriptionist can mark the file at that point (using Marker->Add Marker or the appropriate hotkey), and then double-click on the marker and type a question or comments regarding clarification.  Then by selecting File->Send Request to Author, you have the option to send either an email request to the author, or a network-generated notification to the author’s desktop through QS Recorder.  The author can then open the dictation file and review the question, and then return (and send) the updated dictation file.

The transcriptionist starts the process by identifying the point in the file that needs clarification.  By selecting Markers -> Add Markers you can insert a new marker at that point in the timeline.  If you want to add comments to the marker, click on the down arrow in the bottom right corner to display the markers table.


Then double-click on the entry in the markers table to open the marker window:

With the file still open, select File -> Send Request to Author:

Include a comment or request in the Message box, then select ‘Send through Player Manager’ if you have a network connection to the author’s PC, or else ‘Send via Email’.  If you select ‘Keep File Locked’, then the file remains in the transcription queue, but is not available for anyone else to open (except by ‘force’).


On the author’s PC, a pop-up bubble will appear near the Windows task bar, providing an alert with the request to open the file in question (this pop-up will appear if the ‘Send through Player Manager’ option was selected.  Otherwise, the author will receive notification via email).


The author then selects Open File in QS Recorder, and selects the ‘Review Folder’ to display any files that require review, and then opens the file.  By jumping to the marker in question (if it’s present) you can easily insert new dictation as clarification, or resend the file with comments.


Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities.
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