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Quikscribe Voice Recognition


The Quikscribe Voice Recognition feature provides a unique ability to integrate a voice recognition software package such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. 

This unique feature will automatically produce a draft text document BEFORE the transcriptionist receives the audio file.

The Voice Recognition option may be selected when the file is created, when it is sent, or as a default setting for all dictation files.

The image to the right shows the voice recognition option is selected using the Send File panel (under File Details).

Files are processed in the background to produce a draft text document that will be reviewed by the transcriptionist for accuracy, making the necessary corrections in the word processor (or entry screen) while listening to the dictation audio file.

Click here for a video demonstration of the Quikscribe Voice Recognition feature.

No impact to author’s method of dictation

The author may dictate as usual using the Quikscribe Recorder (and portable recorders) without having to monitor the voice recognition processing, or be distracted by the processing activities and error-corrections.

When the file is sent to transcription, the Voice Recognition option is selected, and triggers the process to engage Dragon NaturallySpeaking to interpret the audio file (according to the appropriate user profile) and produce the draft text document.

Draft document is produced automatically

Dragon NaturallySpeaking produces the text file, and Quikscribe merges the text back into the Intelligent Audio File as the contents of a marker.

Transcriptionist receives notification of new dictation audio file

The Quikscribe Player alerts the transcriptionist if a new file has arrived and is ready to be transcribed, including priority notification if selected by the author.

The marker table in the bottom portion of the QS Player displays the list of markers in the file.

The first marker shows content labeled “Voice recognised text”, indicating the marker contains text generated by the voice recognition process.

By simply playing the audio file, the QS Player provides an audible alert that a marker is present.  By simply pressing CTRL-V, the contents of the marker are pasted automatically into the word processing document.  The transcriptionist can then simply listen to the audio file and make the necessary corrections on the screen.

Click here for a video demonstration of the Quikscribe Voice Recognition feature.


Quikly Produce Instruction/Training Manuals

The Quikscribe Voice Recognition feature allows you to incorporate images and other captured text while you are dictating.  Using this method, you can capture screen and window images while you are dictating.  After processing the audio file through voice recognition, you can easily build the draft document for a training manual that includes the images with text descriptions - all created automatically using Quikscribe.

Reduces Typing Effort

Reduces Document Turnaround Time

Improves Productivity

Reduces Production Costs

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Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities.
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